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Ear Mites



This is a common problem affecting all breeds and ages of dogs. It is important to check your dog’s ears regularly.

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Ear mites are very contagious, commonly passed on from our feline companions through close contact such as playing and sleeping together.

The most common ear mite is the "Otodectes Cynotis" barely detectable with the naked eye, which feeds on the wax and oils in the dogs ears. They love nothing more than a warm moist environment to live and multiply in.

If left untreated the infestation can cause:


Inspect your dog’s ears regularly and clean if needed using a cotton wool ball or pad dampened with warm water or a proprietary ear cleaner.

A pinch of Thornit monthly can be used as a preventative.

If your dog has had an infestation, it is important to wash his/her bedding, blankets etc. or re-infestation is likely to occur.